What is Amano Enzyme?

Founded 120 years ago,
Amano Enzyme is
corporation of enzyme specialists.
From the ocean to the jungle and ultimately to
the stratosphere, we identify the functions of enzymes
in a diversity of microorganisms
and provide solutions to people all over the world.
Long nurtured by Japan’s traditional culture and climate,
this spirit has been passed down over the generations
to the present day.
As represented by the traditional Japanese condiments
miso bean paste and soy sauce, as well as sake rice wine,
Japanese people have long enjoyed the wisdom of living
in symbiosis with nature and using the power of
enzymes, which are invisible to the naked eye,
making the most of limited resources,
and enriching the blessings ever further.
Indeed, Japan, has been a country of biotechnology
since ancient times.
Now, the enriched power of enzymes discovered
through cutting-edge technology is beginning to draw
attention due to their potential contribution to solve
a mountain of problems that we are facing today
aroundfood, energy, resources, and environment.
Listening to the voice of
our Earth and assisted by the power of nature,
we are now continuing to create a new future
hand-in-hand with enzymes.
Make a better world with Japanese Biotechnology